Icon Books Advent Calendar Door #22

Posted on 2015/12/22 , tagged as

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IMAG0185Today’s advent calendar giveaway has been chosen by Stevie Finegan, Icon’s Publicity and Digital Sales Coordinator. It is Finding Home by Emily Dugan, read below to see why this was her choice.

It has been a great year for reading non-fictionally, and there were a number of books vying for my heart when asked to name one I particularly treasured. There were books that made me laugh and books that made me cry and I lingered long and hard over a good many before finally choosing this. Because this was a book that, yes, made me laugh and yes, I shed a tear, but it was also a book that struck me with its vast and judicious importance.

Finding Home is a work of ten chapters, the first nine telling nine disparate people’s stories, the last telling the story of a town. They are united in all being stories of migration; stories of marriage, stories of refuge, stories of acceptance, alienation and – as the title rather suggests – of trying to find, or stay in, or get to, a place you belong, a home.

In this book I read about Mihai, who came to London to make his fortune but struggled to obtain legal work that would pay a minimum wage. I read about Ummad, who sought asylum in the UK after his brother was killed and he himself miraculously survived a bullet to the head, persecuted for his faith. I read about Klaudia, who knew her disabled child’s quality of life would be much more limited if they were  to return to the country she was born in.

Many books are described as ‘eye-opening’, but this is a book that honestly changed how I watch the news, read a paper, and continue to see the world around me.

This has been a year of immense turmoil in many places in the world. A year that has seen the highest levels of forced migration, and the most refugees seeking asylum since the second world war. This book forces you to stop turning away, closing your eyes and ears and dismissing what is going on beyond your borders, or skin colour or sense of ‘us’. This book forces you to remember that people are people, and everyone deserves a safe and happy place that they can call home.