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Tim Bradford

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For fifteen years, Tim Bradford has meandered round the quiet streets of his North London home, seeking out the ordinary and the extraordinary, the sublime and the ridiculous. This is a charming poster of North London to accompany his book A London Country Diary, which documents his wanderings, from his favourite viewing bench in Highbury to Irish music in Upper Holloway.

Tim Bradford is an illustrator, artist and writer. He is the author of The Groundwater Diaries (4th Estate, 2004) and Small Town England (Ebury, 2010), described as a ‘warm, kaleidoscopic romp of a reminiscence’ by Stuart Maconie. He frequently publishes illustrations in When Saturday Comes and the Guardian, and is otherwise to be found tramping the streets of London looking for musical instruments, old bookshops or lost rivers.

He lives in Stoke Newington and Co. Clare, Ireland. See more at timbradford.com.


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ISBN: 9781848317918

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Publication date: 17/04/2014


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