A Practical Guide to Assertiveness (Paperback)

Express Yourself

David Bonham-Carter

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Overcome passive behaviour and take ownership of your thoughts and feelings. Express yourself more clearly and learn to beat negative thinking, stand up for yourself and feel confident with this Practical Guide. Assertiveness will give you the courage to voice your own feelings and thoughts when it is appropriate, even about difficult issues, and to do so in a way which is respectful and honest to others. With clear, practical steps, this guide will help you to develop the key characteristics of assertiveness, helping you to be truer to yourself, stand up for your rights and improve both your work and personal lives.

Bonham-Carter is an experienced life coach and self-help author, specialising
in the application of psychological methods for achieving self-improvement,
behavioural change and emotional wellbeing. He is also the author of Introducing
Self Esteem: A Practical Guide


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ISBN: 9781785783319

Price: 7.99

Pages: 224

Publication date: 08/02/2018

Category: Business & Self-Help

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