A Practical Guide to Sex (Paperback)

Finally, Helpful Sex Advice!

Meg-John Barker

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Plenty of books on sex suggest that it has to be done in a certain way, or in a certain kind of relationship, or with certain people. This isn’t that kind of book. 

A Practical Guide to Sex is a thoughtful and friendly guide through the confusing, and sometimes alarming, world of sex and sexuality. Its radical approach puts your experience at the heart of the book, and invites you to explore what might be enjoyable to you. 
Meg-John Barker, a writer and academic specialising in sex and relationships, and Justin Hancock, a sex educator, team up to challenge the messages we receive about ‘normal’ sex; look at how to understand and care for yourself; delve into ideas of pleasure for different bodies, ages and tastes; explore relationships; and tackle the tricky topics of communication and consent.  
So, throw out the rule book and learn to listen to your own desires. This may just be the most helpful book about sex ever.

Dr Meg-John Barker is a writer, therapist and activist-academic
specialising in sex, gender and relationships. A senior lecturer in
psychology at the Open University and a UKCP accredited psychotherapist,
Meg-John is also the author of Rewriting the Rules (Routledge, 2018)
and Queer: A Graphic History (Icon, 2016).

Justin Hancock
is a sex
and relationships educator working with young people and adults since
1999. His website BISHuk.com is one of the leading sex and relationships
advice websites for over-14s and is sponsored by Durex UK. Justin is
also involved in running Gender & Sexuality Talks and is a trustee
of Sexpression.

The authors’ website, megjohnandjustin.com features additional resources about sex, including podcasts and zines.

‘Aims to provide the kind of practical sex advice you’d never find in Cosmo.’ – Frankie Mullin, VICE

‘An inclusive guide to "doing it", whatever your body type or sexuality … Shines a light on bodies and our relationships with ourselves and others, while plugging the gap in sex education to include non-heterosexual relationships by moving beyond PIV, or penis-in-vagina, sex.’ – Independent


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ISBN: 9781785783876

Price: 7.99

Pages: 288

Publication date: 01/11/2018

Category: Sex & Gender Studies

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