A Practical Guide to the Psychology of Success (Paperback)

Reach Your Goals & Enjoy the Journey

Alison Price

David Price

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‘A brilliant, brilliant book.’ Ben Hunt-Davis MBE, Olympic Champion Men’s Rowing 8+.

In A Practical Guide to the Psychology of Success, Alison and David Price help you to identify your personal vision of success, building goals around what you really want and what you have the potential to achieve. With the benefit of expert insights, real-life case studies and powerful techniques, you’ll build day-to-day strategies to help define and reach your goals, overcome obstacles and succeed in the face of adversity. 
If you’re looking to reach your full potential – whether it’s making a personal change, achieving a sporting goal, or putting a business plan into practice – this book will give you the map to changing your life, and enjoying the journey.

Alison Price is a Chartered Psychologist and Occupational Psychologist, inspirational keynote speaker and an international consultant. She lectures at Kingston University, London, and comments within the media on business psychology.

David Price is an experienced senior manager qualified in management, consulting and coaching. He is a member of the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Together they are The Success Agents.

‘An excellent book giving a wide range of scientifically proven success techniques in a compact format. Highly readable and could change your life.’ – Patrick Jordan, Business Psychologist and Honorary Professor at University College, London
‘A Practical Guide to the Psychology of Success does exactly what it says on the cover: on every page there are practical guides for real life. I love being able to dive in and find useful and interesting tips to help me each day. A brilliant, brilliant book.’ – Ben Hunt-Davis MBE, Olympic Champion Men’s Rowing 8+


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ISBN: 9781785783890

Price: 7.99

Pages: 224

Publication date: 01/11/2018

Category: Psychology

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