After Blair (Paperback)

David Cameron and the Conservative Tradition

Kieron O'Hara

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In David Cameron’s review of the first edition of this book, he praised its ‘road map for a sustained Conservative recovery’ and is now following its prescription, leading to a successful Tory revival. Revised and significantly expanded this is the first book to consider Cameron and the Tories’ future. Calling the first edition ‘a compelling, and often persuasive read’, David Cameron’s detailed review of “After Blair” has been held up by the “Guardian” as the best description of his policies yet. His strong association with the book continued when he referred to it in his famous Keith Joseph lecture last spring. In this revised and expanded edition, O’Hara places Cameron in the context of Conservative history, explaining Cameron’s intellectual and political roots in a way that no other book has. Including new, exclusive interviews with Cameron’s principal advisors and strategists, a summary of the threat from the right to the Tories’ new direction, and an analysis of Cameron’s potential, this is the essential book on British politics today.

Kieron O’Hara is a journalist, academic and author. A frequent contributor to the New Statesman in particular, his Trust: from Socrates to Spin (Icon, 2004) was described as ‘absorbing…a fascinating read’ (New Scientist) and ‘an effervescent discussion’ (Financial Times).

“‘A lucid introduction to Conservative philosophy. It is lightly done, and rather refreshing’ Independent ‘A passionate and fascinating book’ The Sunday Times ‘An elegant and well-argued book’ New Statesman ‘A masterly study of the Conservative dilemma’ New Humanist”


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ISBN: 9781840467956

Price: 8.99

Pages: 390

Publication date: 01/02/2007


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