Castration (Paperback)

Ivan Ward

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From fashion to football, in our dreams and epiphanies, through jealous rages and moments of genius, the effects of castration anxiety, so claims Ivan Ward, are ever-present. Freud’s famous ‘castration complex’ is met with continually in analytic experience. Yet it seems an unbelievable idea. Taking his evidence from myth, clinical practice and the sexual theories of children, Freud established the castration complex as one of the determining factors of human sexual desire and personality development. Ideas in Psychoanalysis continues to go where no other books dare Expertly written by the series editor, Ivan Ward Ask your Faber rep about extra discounts for bulk buys with Ideas series

Ivan Ward is the author of Phobia and Introducing Psychoanalysis.

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ISBN: 9781840464429

Price: 3.99

Pages: 80

Publication date: 07/04/2003


Series: Ideas in Psychoanalysis

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