Dear Fahrenheit 451 (Hardback)

A Librarian’s Love Letters and Break-Up Notes to Her Books

Annie Spence

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Have you ever wished you could tell your favourite books just what they mean to you? Or wanted to give a piece of your mind to the ‘must-read’ book that you wish you hadn’t? Librarian Annie Spence has done just that, writing letters to the books under her care, from love letters to Matilda and The Goldfinch, to snarky break-up notes to Fifty Shades of Grey and The Hobbit.
Annie’s letters will make you laugh, remind you why you love your favourite books, and give you lots of new entries for your reading list. She’s also on-hand to help out with your bookish dilemmas: recommendations for lazy readers; excuses to tell your friends when you’d rather stay home reading; and how to turn your lover into a reader.
Hilarious, compassionate and smart, Dear Fahrenheit 451 is the consummate book-lover’s book.

Annie Spence has spent the last decade as a librarian at public libraries in the Midwest. She lives in
Detroit with her husband and son. Dear Fahrenheit 451 is her first book.

‘A librarian delivers a charming epistolary volume that begs to be read with pencil in hand.’Kirkus Review
“A winsome volume”New York Times Book Review
“On the totally reasonable premise that we have relationships with books that feel like relationships with people, US librarian Spence penned this wonderfully witty and wise collection of letters to books she has cared for in the line of duty”The Bookseller
“Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and Heartbreak in the Stacks is my new ‘go-to’ book to give to friends and family who are avid readers.”Cascadia Weekly


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ISBN: 9781785783098

Price: 11.99

Pages: 256

Publication date: 08/02/2018

Category: Literature & Language

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