Donna Haraway and Genetic Foods (Paperback)

George Myerson

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Genetically modified food has become in the past few years a portent symbol of the dangers inherent in technology and science and their commitment to “progress”. The issues that have been raised foreshadow a greater ethical problem and fundamental philosophical impasse that is likely to arise, as science fact becomes more and more to resemble science fiction. Donna Haraway has taken in her work the implications involved for humanity, and for feminism in particular, this ever nearing synthesis of the human and the artificial. George Myerson examines the media hype in the light of Haraway’s unrepentantly post-modern, but critical work, becoming ever more essential as we watch technology engulf our lives.

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ISBN: 9781840461787

Price: 3.99

Pages: 80

Publication date: 01/09/2000


Series: Postmodern Encounters

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