Einstein’s Heroes (Hardback)

Imagining the World Through the Language of Mathematics

Robyn Arianrhod

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Blending science, history and biography, Einstein’s Heroes takes you on a journey of discovery about the phenomenon of mathematics – humanity’s universal language and one of our most amazing accomplishments. At the book’s centre are the brilliant scientists who inspired Einstein, particularly James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday and Isaac Newton. Together Maxwell and Faraday settled a centuries-old physical dispute, which Newton had left in his wake, establishing mathematics as the ultimate arbiter of physical reality. With the talent of a great storyteller, Arianrhod weaves warmly observed biographies into a passionate argument for the beauty and universality of the language of maths. Einstein’s Heroes is an enthralling exploration of the special magic of science, and the lives of some of its most brilliant exemplars.

Robyn Arianrhod is an Australian writer, journalist and academic who has taught mathematics for over ten years to university and college students. She also works in arts-based community projects and lives in the hills outside her home in the town of Melbourne. This is her first book.

“‘Einstein’s Heroes reads like a good novel… a remarkable, accessible, inspiring book’ Sydney Morning Herald; ‘Robyn Arianrhod’s passion for mathematics is so infectious, you’ll scream “Eureka!” when you read her book.’ Herald-Sun; ‘Surprising and satisfying – your IQ has risen twenty points by the final chapter.’ Australian Book Review; ‘Shows how vital the work of scientists is.’ Daily Telegraph (Australia)”

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