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Fixing Meetings (Paperback)

A Productivity Ninja Guide

Graham Allcott

Hayley Watts

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Too much valuable time is wasted in meetings. Often little advance planning takes place, resulting in productivity drains rather than productivity gains. It’s time to think like a Ninja. 

 With realistic and practical advice this book shows how to reduce the amount of time you spend in meetings, and ensure that the ones that you do attend are genuine opportunities to collaborate and get things done.  
Learn how to hold and attend meetings where the focus is on the outcome; get to grips with the 40–20–40 Continuum, so that only 20 per cent of your attention for each meeting is spent in the meeting itself – the rest is in the preparation and the follow-through; and understand when it’s necessary to say that you won’t be attending – and how best to do so.

Graham Allcott is an entrepreneur, keynote business speaker and founder of Think Productive, who run public workshops throughout the UK and in-house workshops for staff at a diverse range of organisations. He hosts the popular business podcast, Beyond Busy, and is the author of Work Fuel and A Practical Guide to Productivity

Hayley Watts is a Productivity Ninja at Think Productive, having previously been a client of the organisation. She is also a coach, a mum, a school governor and general organiser of stuff! Her background is in the charity sector where she gained lots of experience with meetings – the good and the bad. This is her first book.


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Publication date: 03/09/2020

Category: Business & Self-Help

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