Forty-fied (Paperback)

How to be a Fortysomething

Malcolm Burgess

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“I Hate the Office” author presents a walking tour of your fifth decade, and advice on which fleece to take along…Is being forty the new thirty or are we all just kidding ourselves? Malcolm Burgess presents a riotous A – Z of the realities of fortysomething life in the Noughties. Riotous, that is, like having your iPod on in the house. Today’s fortysomethings have never had it so good – or so confusing. While our parents could look forward to a sensible middle age we’re more likely to be playing our Morrissey records and thanking God Jonathan Ross is on Radio 2. There are so many different ways of being in our forties that many of us aren’t quite sure where we’re supposed to go next – or just how grumpy we’re meant to be. “Forty-fied” is the hilariously wry and observant essential guide to this complex decade in our lives. “The Metro” newspaper columnist and bestselling author of “I Hate the Office” leaves no embarrassing fortysomething scenario unturned – or do we mean unstoned? For anyone forty and fabulous, or who’s forty and owns ten fleeces, this is the laugh-out- loud funny book of your dreams…and no doubt your screams, too.

Malcolm Burgess 49, is a journalist, scriptwriter and author. His comic series have appeared in The Times, the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, the Evening Standard and its ES magazine, the Financial Times, the Guardian, and the Metro, in which I Hate the Office, his recent bestselling book, was originally a weekly column.

‘Hilarious… cynically examines the angst of modern office life.’XFM
‘The manual for misbehaving in your forties’Radio 4’s Loose Ends
‘Feel like you’ve reached the top of the hill? Malcolm Burgess has a humerous take on what it’s like to be 40-plus.’Women’s Weekly
‘Very funny, but very scary’BBC Radio London
‘A tongue-in-cheek guide for those of us who, thanks to longer life expectancy and the spread of no-brow cultute, find ourselves stranded between youth and middle-age’Mark Sanderson, Sunday Telegraph
‘How to be a fortysomething in the 21st century: a guide for the perplexed. What does it mean to be 40 in 2007? A new book helps Generation Confused negotiate the tricky ground of middle youth.’The Scotsman
‘How to hit 40 – and get away with it. How to handle the most confusing decade, presented in a handy A-Z guide.’The Daily Record
‘At an age when our parents were striving to pull off that wisdom thing, 21st century 40-something dude is still fondling his Morrissey collection, ogling fast cars (driven, sadly, by Jeremy Clarkson) and listening to cool counds on the radio (played, sadder still, by Jonathan Ross on Radio 2, which is, of course, the new Radio 1). Meanwhile 40-something bird is contemplating procreation.’The Sunday Herald
‘Genuinely laugh-out-loud funny.’City AM
‘Happy to be back at work? If not, you may find solace here.’Daily Express
‘Wry and observant.’Director

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