Introducing the Universe (Paperback)

A Graphic Guide

Felix Pirani

Christine Roche

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Compact INTRODUCING guide to the science behind the world we live in. The universe is expanding, but how long has the expansion been going on? Will it expand forever, or collapse in a Big Crunch, a Big Bang in reverse? From Aristotle to Newton, Einstein to Quantum Mechanics, INTRODUCING THE UNIVERSE – A GRAPHIC GUIDE recounts the revolutions in physics and astronomy that underlie the present-day picture of the universe.

Felix Pirani is Emeritus Professor of Rational Mechanics in the University of London. He has published a number of scientific papers and popular articles about Einstein’s theory of relativity, and three books for children. He was once attached to a group of cosmologists known as the Cambridge Circus. Christine Roche is an illustrator, cartoonist, and filmmaker.

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