Mozart’s Don Giovanni (eBook)

A Short Guide to a Great Opera

Michael Steen

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With a wealth of famous tunes and meticulous characterisation, Don Giovanni is an undisputed masterpiece created by Mozart out of a thread-bare fairground gig. The Don – for whom both sexes have a sneaking admiration – gatecrashes proceedings, serenading and seducing as he goes. As wily as he is insatiable, he outclasses all who are out to get him, including a jealous bumpkin and the down-at-heel Elvira. But a stone statue seals his doom and drags him down into hellfire. From the Champagne aria and the ballroom scene to the melodious arias of the three sopranos and the unctuous Ottavio, Don Giovanni is a thrilling drama that continues to delight audiences worldwide. Written by Michael Steen, author of the acclaimed The Lives and Times of the Great Composers, ‘Short Guides to Great Operas’ are concise, entertaining and easy to read books about opera. Each is an opera guide packed with useful information and informed opinion, helping to make you a truly knowledgeable opera-goer, and so maximising your enjoyment of a great musical experience. Other ‘Short Guides to Great Operas’ that you may enjoy include those on Così fan tutte, The Marriage of Figaro and The Barber of Seville.

Michael Steen OBE was born in Dublin, studied at the Royal College of Music and was organ scholar at Oriel College, Oxford. As well as pursuing a successful career in the City, he has been chairman of the Friends of the Victoria and Albert Museum, and of the Royal College of Music Society, and is Treasurer of The Open University. Michael saw his first opera in 1960 when he was 15, and was enchanted. Michael saw his first opera in 1960 when he was 15, and was enchanted. He now goes to the opera at least once a month, often much more, and has seen performances all around the world, for example in Milan, Bayreuth, St, Petersberg, Vienna, Dresden, Moscow, Sydney, New York, Wexford, Berlin, Budapest, Paris, Cape Town and many across the UK. His previous books include The Lives and Times of the Great Composers – described as u2018hugely informative and deliciously gossipyu2019 by the Spectator – and Enchantress of Nations. His Great Operas – bringing together guides to twenty-five of the worldu2019s finest musical experience – is published by Icon Books in November 2012.

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