New for Autumn – Geoff Hurst’s Fifty Greatest Footballers of All Time

Posted on 2014/05/28 , tagged as geoff hurst

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Sir Geoff Hurst (right) with Icon's MD Philip Cotterell (left)

Sir Geoff Hurst (right) with Icon’s MD Philip Cotterell (left)

We’re delighted to announce that this autumn we will be publishing Geoff Hurst’s Fifty Greatest Footballers of All Time, by legendary 1966 England World Cup hero and hat-trick scorer Sir Geoff Hurst, in association with Timpson, the leading nationwide service retailer.

Sir Geoff’s choice of his Fifty Greatest players includes outstanding players from his own era alongside stars from the 1980s onwards. Fans of all ages will be keen to know if Franz Beckenbauer tops England’s heroic Bobby Moore? Or whether Messi managed to edge ahead of his countryman Maradona? Will Bale or Suarez have done enough to make the cut?

Far from being impartial, the list is a personal one for Sir Geoff, reflecting his own tastes. As he says in his introduction, ‘The majority are forwards. Ten of them are English. Five are team mates from the 1966 World Cup Final squad. But that leaves thirty five other players in all other positions and somehow, in some undefinable way, I have ranked them all … And these are all players for whom I would happily pay the price of a match ticket to go and watch. And it is a funny thing about “greatness” – which is what I think all these 50 have to varying degrees – and that is it is something which, when displayed in whatever walk of life, we can somehow all recognise.’

Geoff Hurst’s Fifty Greatest Footballers of All Time will be published on 6th November and will be available from all good bookshops as a £10 hardback and an eBook.