From bestselling popular science author Brian Clegg, comes The Quantum Age

Posted on 2014/06/09 , tagged as brian clegg

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The Quantum AgeBrian Clegg’s new popular science masterpiece, The Quantum Age: How the Physics of the Very Small has Transformed Our Lives, available now, shows us all how quantum physics underpins everyday life.

The stone age, the iron age, the steam and electrical ages all saw the reach of humankind transformed by new technology. Now we are living in the quantum age, a revolution in everyday life led by our understanding of the very, very small.

Today, technologies based on quantum physics account for 30 per cent of US GDP, and yet quantum particles such as atoms, electrons and photons remain enigmatic, acting totally unlike the objects we experience directly. Weird quantum behaviour is also essential to nature. From the mechanism of the Sun to quantum biology in our eyesight, photosynthesis in plants and the ability of birds to navigate, quantum effects are key.

Quantum physics lies at the heart of every electronic device, every smartphone and laser, and now quantum superconductors have moved out of the lab to make levitating trains and MRI scanners possible, while soon superfast, ultra-secure quantum computers may be a reality.

Acclaimed popular science author Brian Clegg brings his trademark clarity and enthusiasm to a book that will give the world around you a new sense of wonder.

Check out the video below of Brian Clegg teaching quantum physics to Robert Peston and read a free extract from the book here!

The Quantum Age is available now from all good bookshops and as an eBook. Follow Brian Clegg on Twitter @brianclegg.