Keep Your Mitts Off My NHS!

Posted on 2014/09/28 , tagged as Harry's Last Stand, Labour Party Conference, NHS, harry smith

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Harry Leslie Smith became even more of a star this week after his barnstorming speech in defence of the National Heath Service at the Labour Party Conference.

‘I am not a politician, a member of the elite or a financial guru, but my life is your history, and we should keep it that way. So say it loud and say it clear, in this hall and across this country: Mr. Cameron, keep your mitts off my NHS!’

Harry received two standing ovations and was the toast of the media following the 8-minute address in Manchester. Harry was on the cover of the Independent the following day, interviewed on Sky and BBC TV news, and the various videos of his speech – which is below too – have been shared widely.

We have brought forward the publication of the paperback edition of Harry’s book, Harry’s Last Stand, which will now be published on 2nd October.