The Invisible Woman

Posted on 2014/10/23 , tagged as Guardian, Invisible Woman, Kate Hewson, The Vintage Years

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The Invisible Woman – How to Navigate the Vintage Years

We’re incredibly excited to announce the publication of The Invisible WomanHow to Navigate the Vintage Years by Helen Walmsley Johnson.

From the author of the Guardian’s popular ‘The Vintage Years’ column comes a rallying call to sanity for those women who refuse to become part of the ‘slippers and cardigans brigade’ – but also resent the expectation to cling desperately to their youth and insist on being ‘young at heart’.

Sixty is the new forty, we’re constantly told. Or is it that seventy is the new fifty?

Covering topics from family, finances and work to cosmetics, fashion and sex, The Invisible Woman – which is also Helen’s Guardian column nom de plume – is a new sort of book about ageing; one that teaches us not how to avoid it, but how to enjoy it, grow with it and thrive.

Commissioning Editor Kate Hewson says: ‘​​The Invisible Woman is a vital, timely book about how to navigate that stage of life when women – no longer blushing brides or mothers of children – seem to somehow disappear from public life. With this book Helen takes what she has done so well as a Guardian columnist and expands it to an even wider audience – her unique skill is that she writes in a way that appeals not just to women her age, but to their partners, daughters, sons and everyone in between.​’​

The Invisible Woman will be published in June 2015 and will be available in hardback and as an ebook