New Books published in February!

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We have four more great reads to share with you, all published this month!

Feb books

First up is I, Superorganism, by Jon Turney.

Every human body carries a secret cargo: a huge population of micro-organisms that lives in your mouth and nose, on your skin, in your guts. This is the human microbiome and this is the focus of Jon Turney’s cutting-edge work, the first book-length account of a new, thrilling realm of human biology.

Learn about the true make-up of the machine you call a body, question the impact of human habits on the functioning of this ecosystem and see yourself in a new (microscopic) light with I, Superorganism.

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In It’s Not About the Shark, David Niven explores the theory that having absolute confidence in finding a solution can actually hide answers. Learn how putting problems at the centre of our thoughts serves to shut down our creative abilities, deplete stamina and feed insecurities, and discover how to transform your daily life with a simple but rock-solid principle: If you start thinking about your problems, you’ll never make it to a solution. If you start thinking about a solution, you’ll never worry about your problems again.

‘In this useful tome, Niven gives unusual, yet eminently practical, problem-solving advice . . . This fresh, enthusiastic approach to problem-solving will encourage readers to open themselves up to opportunity and make for a valuable addition to anyone’s self-help shelf.’ Publishers Weekly

‘David Niven will help you think more, panic less, dream bigger, and WIN.’ Bob Danzig, former CEO, Hearst Newspapers

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Also released this month is Beyond the Call, a cinematic, inspiring tale of the hitherto unknown hero, veteran 8th Air Force Bomber pilot Captain Robert Trimble. Written by the Captain’s own son with the help of British historian Jeremy Dronfield, this daring account tells of wit, courage and a determination to do good in the midst of a terrible war. Embark upon an undercover mission with Trimble as he faces up to a terrifying foe and fights to save hundreds of lives, whilst trying to find his way home to his wife and

‘Beyond the Call is the brilliantly told, fast-paced true story of a remarkable young man… Nerve-wracking, informative, yet profoundly moving, Beyond the Call is a truly inspiring book.’ Susan Ottaway, author of Sisters, Secrets, and Sacrifice

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With expert advice, practical exercises and a real-world focus, Introducing Well-being will help you become more energised, optimise your mental and physical health and discover happiness and fulfilment Read more about the Introducing Practical Guide series and follow us on Twitter.

All books are available in all good bookshops and as an eBook. Head over to @iconbooks to see how you can win our new titles!