Love Among the Ruins

Posted on 2015/06/24 , tagged as Guardian, Harry's Last Stand, harry leslie smith, history, memoir, new books

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Love Among the Ruins – A memoir of life and love in Hamburg, 1945

We’re incredibly excited to announce the publication of Love Among the Ruins by Harry Leslie Smith, author of Harry’s Last Stand.

Harry Leslie Smith‘s Guardian articles have been shared almost a quarter of a million times on Facebook and have attracted huge comment and debate. His book Harry’s Last Stand attracted huge praise, with Annie Lennox saying that Harry ‘is absolutely one of my heroes. Everyone should read this and be humbled. Now the 92-year activist and author presents a unique memoir, announced on BookBrunch earlier today.

‘I say accept love as it comes and accept love as it goes because it is the only currency that never devalues us.’

At 22, the war is over for RAF serviceman Harry Leslie Smith – the now 92-year-old activist and author of the acclaimed Harry’s Last Stand – but the battle for love and hope rages on.

Stationed in occupied Hamburg, a city physically and emotionally ripped apart by Allied bombing, and determined to escape the grinding poverty of his Yorkshire youth, Harry unexpectedly finds a reason to stay: a young German woman by the name of Friede.

As their love develops, they must face both German suspicion and British disapproval of relations with ‘the enemy’.

Harry’s ardent, straight-from-the-heart memoir brings to life a city reduced to rubble, populated with refugees, black marketeers, corrupt businessmen and cynical soldiers. It’s a unique snapshot of a terrible period in Europe’s history, and a passionate love letter to a city, to a woman, and to life itself.

Love Among the Ruins will be published in August 2015 and will be available in paperback, as an ebook and as an audiobook.