Negotiation expert Natalie Reynolds launches the ‘Make Your Ask’ project

Posted on 2018/09/04 , tagged as natalie reynolds, negotiation, training, we have a deal

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Negotiation expert, and author of We Have a Deal, Natalie Reynolds is on a mission to democratise world-class negotiation training and to challenge the idea that the best negotiators are the loudest and most aggressive in the room.


On Monday 10th September, Natalie will be launching the Make Your Ask Project, bringing her corporate negotiation training masterclass direct to users for only £10 from the website, The course, Mastering Negotiation: The Art of Making Your Ask, is based on Natalie’s DEALSTM negotiation training method and comprises eight, 30-minute masterclass lessons, downloadable toolkits and worksheets.


For every course purchased, the Make Your Ask Project will gift the same course via one of its charity partners to a woman around the world who really needs it. The project’s goal is to gift 1 million courses and empower 1 million women to make their ask.


Natalie says:

For too long, negotiation has been seen as a skill requiring aggression, bullying behaviour and tough talk and as a result many people are frightened and intimidated by it. The Make Your Ask Project is all about demystifying negotiation and providing an easy to use framework focused on creativity, problem solving and resilience that anyone master. In addition, I want to harness the power of negotiation as a tool for empowerment and change.


To find out more about the Make Your Ask project, visit: Twitter: @makeyourask | Instagram: @makeyourask




Natalie Reynolds is the Founder and CEO of leading negotiation training firm advantageSPRING, and an honorary visiting lecturer at Cass Business School. She advises governments and institutions including the United Nations, the Clinton Foundation, the UK and US governments, European Investment Bank, Wall Street Women’s Alliance and Women’s Foundation of Hong Kong.

Natalie’s book We Have a Deal: How to Negotiate with Intelligence, Flexibility and Power is available as an £8.99 paperback and £6.99 ebook. It was shortlisted for the CMI Management Book of the Year 2017 in the ‘Best Commuter Read’ category, and is an ideal guide for anyone looking to start their negotiation training.