Icon to publish innovation and productivity expert Bec Evans’ How To Have a Happy Hustle

Posted on 2018/12/05 , tagged as Business, acquisition, innovation, startup

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Innovation expert, startup founder and Futurebook judge Bec Evans is to publish her first book, How To Have a Happy Hustle: The Complete Guide to Making Your Ideas Happen. In the book she will lead readers through the process of generating life-changing ideas and the crucial steps to getting them off the ground.

Designed for anyone who is looking for fulfilment beyond the 9-5 career-track – either in a side-hustle alongside a main job or in a startup, How To Have A Happy Hustle will focus on practical skills and mindset. Using examples from successful innovators, Evans will explain how to use feedback to improve ideas, understand the psychology of being productive, find the best problems to solve and gain motivation to follow through on ideas, even in the face of set-backs and failures.

Kiera Jamison at Icon bought world rights (excluding USA and Canada) from Michael Alcock at Johnson and Alcock for an undisclosed sum. Icon will publish in May 2019.

Jamison says:

‘Bec’s approach really resonated with us, as we’re sure it will with readers looking to develop their ideas. We often tend to think of start-ups as created by these exceptional innovators who have a Eureka-moment and then wild success, but the reality entails a lot of graft to find, develop and launch the right idea. In the book, Bec guides us through every step: from coming up with and testing ideas to launching and growing them, and – most importantly – enjoying the process.’

Evans says:

‘Ideas are the easy bit, what people struggle with is making them happen. Working with people taught me that everyone has the ability to be creative – they just need to skills to make it happen. This book helps people get off the starting blocks by sharing the ‘secrets’ of innovation. Whatever your background or experience, whether you’ve got a great idea you don’t know how to develop, or a problem you’d like to solve, these tried-and-tested techniques will help you to innovate and thrive.’


Bec Evans is a consultant on innovation and the co-founder of Prolifiko, a digital coach that helps writers to be productive. Formerly Head of Innovation at Emerald Publishing, Bec is a judge for the FutureBook Awards 2018 and writes and speaks on innovation, startups and productivity. She was selected as one of Business Cloud’s Top Female Founders of Tech in 2017 and mentors students on entrepreneurship at Leeds University Business School.