30-Second Politics (Paperback)

The 50 most thought-provoking ideas in politics, each explained in half a minute

Steven L. Taylor

Steven L. Taylor

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You may be OK with standard stuff like Conservatism and Democracy, but do you really know what Patrimonialism is? And what about Oligarchy? Anarcho-syndicalism?

Politics is, we are willing to bet, the most passionately argued-over subject matter, and yet how many of us flounder around in confrontational debates because we have no grip on political theory, just a vague notion that they are all out to get us?

30-Second Politics will help dispel this fog mistrust and paranoia. It challenges political theorists of all colors to come up with no-frill, no-spin, tell-it-like-it-is explanations of the 50 most important political -isms, -archies, and -ocracies that have pertained since the time of Periclean Athens. At no public expense, the book explains each political theory in nothing more than two pages, 300 words, and some propaganda-style imagery, for we all know that a picture opportunity is worth a thousand words of dull interview.

Steven L. Taylor is Professor of Political Science at Troy University, Alabama. He specializes in Latin American politics and is the author of Voting Amid Violence: Electoral Democracy in Colombia (2009) and is currently working on a project comparing the United States to 29 other democracies.


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