365 – Modern History (Paperback)

From World War Two to the World Wide Web: Great Stories from Modern History for Every Day of the Year

Gerard Cheshire

John Farndon

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The world since the end of the Second World War often seems to represent the lighter half of the 20th century. Rapid recovery from the ravages of war; the rise of popular culture; the phenomenal growth in affluence, health and quality of life; and, the communications revolution – in the West at least, the story is a good one. But the years between 1944 and 2009 – those covered in this book – are far from being free of strife. They are, sadly, no strangers to famine, disease, violent political and social upheaval, terrorism, discrimination and environmental catastrophe. This title includes such events as: 18 March 1965 – a cosmonaut, and not an astronaut, becomes the first person to conduct a ‘space walk’; 14 May 1948 – the first Jewish state in 2,000 years comes into being; 21 September 1995 – the ‘Hindu Milk Miracle’ causes mass hysteria in India; 23 October 2001 – the iPod is born; and, 26 December 2004 – the ‘Great Tsunami’ kills thousands and wreaks havoc in south-east Asia.

Gerard Cheshire has written a number of books on British and world history over a career spanning fifteen years, including British History and World History (both Flametree Publishing). He is a graduate of UCL and holds a postgraduate degree from Bath Spa College. He is based in Bath, England. John Farndon is the author of many books on contemporary issues, including China Rises and India Booms (Virgin), and Bird Flu and Iran in the Everything You Need to Know series (Icon). His most recent book for Icon was 101 Facts You Need to Know About Food. www.john-farndon-books.co.uk

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