366 (Paperback)

More Great Stories from History for Every Day of the Year

W.B. Marsh

Bruce Carrick

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This is the unputdownable sequel to 365 – highly addictive, with bite-size chunks of history. Jan 16, 1920: Prohibition is born. Feb 14, 270: St Valentine’s martyrdom gives birth to a romantic tradition. Jul 5, 1946: The bikini swimsuit makes its debut at a Paris fashion show. Dec 22, 1849: Dostoyevsky is led out for a pretend execution. Strange sometimes to think, even the biggest events of world history happened on a particular day – a rainy February 25th, a sweltering July 2nd, your father’s birthday… W. B. Marsh and Bruce Carrick present a leap year of historical stories in turns amazing, horrifying, touching and tearful. Spanning the history of man’s life on earth and every corner of the inhabited world, they paint a picture of infinite richness and minute, enthralling detail. Read about the first-ever tanks going into combat on the Somme, Pushkin’s death in a duel, Nietzsche’s dramatic breakdown in Turin, Jesse Owens humiliating the Nazis at the Olympic Games and much, much more. This is the ideal book for any history junkie.

W.B. Marsh was born in New York, and now lives in London. On his birthday – 26 October – the legendary ‘Gunfight at the OK Corral’ took place at Tombstone, Arizona, in 1881. Bruce Carrick has worked in book publishing for many years in New York and London. On his birthday in 1897 Marcel Proust had a duel with fellow writer Jean Lorrain.

‘A fascinating pot pourri that will appeal to lovers of historical trivia.’Good Book Guide

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