50 Facts That Should Change the World (Paperback)

Jessica Williams

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This is an updated and revised edition of Jessica Williams’ hugely praised international bestseller. Originally published in May 2004, it has sold in excess of 60,000 copies. This edition is updated throughout and includes a number of brand-new facts. In it, Jessica discusses how the world has changed since 2004, how readers have reacted to the book – and her experiences discussing the book on a prime-time Japanese TV show.

Jessica Williams is a journalist and television producer. She was born in Scotland but grew up in New Zealand. She now primarily works for the BBC and is a producer of the News 24 discussion programme, Hardtalk. She lives and works in East London. Her other book is How to Give to Charity (Icon, 2006).

‘”50 Facts that Should Change the World” is the shocking, incredible, to-the-point research handbook for the No Logo generation’ Guardian

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