500 Reasons Why… (Paperback)

I Hate the Office

Malcolm Burgess

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This work is about an often painful but always witty journey through the daily grind. From the agony of the away day via Hot Desking, office politics, romances and parties to the sheer terror of work reunions or 'teleconferencing', journalist and office escapee Malcolm Burgess exploits the deep vein of cynicism and rebelliousness that runs through every office. The book sprang from the author's weekly column in London's "Metro" newspaper and also includes a unique 'office buzzwords' section drawn from his "Times" column. Better than any stress-ball or executive toy, "I Hate the Office" is the essential weapon in the war against the angst of modern office life.

Malcolm Burgess is a journalist and scriptwriter who has – unfortunately – worked in offices most of his life. His recent comic series have appeared in The Times, the Mail on Sunday's You magazine, the Evening Standard and its ES magazine, the Financial Times and the Guardian.


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ISBN: 9781840468243

Price: 7.99 GBP

Pages: 224

Publication date: 04/10/2007

Category: Popular Culture

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