A Child’s History of England (Paperback)

Charles Dickens

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Written just after “David Copperfield”, at the same time as “Bleak House”, and in the engaging and conversational style typical of his most celebrated fiction, Dickens’ history of England for children is an undiscovered treasure-trove of a book.Dickens’ lovable theatricality, witty observations and compelling narrative give children access to one of England’s greatest writers, and to some of the most powerful stories from its past. For adults it offers an engaging reminder of the English history we ought to know.Interesting, informative and accessible, “A Child’s History of England” takes its reader on a fascinating journey, from Ancient England and the Romans to Victoria’s reign and Dickens’ own lifetime. Full of sensational plots, gallant heroes and brutal villains, high adventure and terrible tragedy, it will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good story and some horrible history!

Charles Dickens’ memorable characters and strong narrative style mean that his work has been loved for the last 150 years – and none of his books has ever gone out of print. Kate Agnew reviews for Guardian Education, has judged the Smarties Award and the Whitbread Prize, and has contributed to the Cambridge Guide to Children’s Books.

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ISBN: 9781848310247

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Publication date: 06/11/2008

Category: History & Current Affairs, Literature & Language

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