A Practical Guide to CBT for Work (Paperback)

Enjoying Work Is Easy as CBT

Gill Garratt

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Maximize your happiness in the workplace. 

Stop negative thinking and tackle your problems at work using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Learn to control anger and frustration, reduce workplace anxiety and take control of your work-life balance by introducing CBT’s insights into your working day.

Full of real-life examples and useful exercises, this Practical Guide will help you to replace feelings of inadequacy and a lack of motivation with new ways of thinking, to help you work better with others, and make you happier and more effective in the workplace.

Gill Garratt is a psychologist and accredited practitioner in CBT therapy with twenty year experience. She has used CBT in settings including factories, offices, global financial organisations, central government and even prisons and cruise ships.


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ISBN: 9781785783333

Price: 7.99 GBP

Pages: 224

Publication date: 08/02/2018


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