A Practical Guide to Ethics for Everyday Life (Paperback)

Be a Good Person

Dave Robinson

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Live the good life and be a better person.

Moral philosophy has a long and distinguished history, but what use is it to your everyday life? Why might you even want to be a good person?

This Practical Guide explores how you can use different ethical philosophies when dealing with everyday decisions and moral conundrums – from being a good friend to raising children, considering your environmental impact or re-evaluating your beliefs on marriage.

Jargon-free and full of straightforward advice, this is the perfect concise introduction to using ethics to make better decisions.

Dave Robinson has taught philosophy for many years and is a specialist in ethics, epistemology, aesthetics and postmodernism. He is the author of Introducing Ethics, Introducing Philosophy and Introducing Descartes in Icon’s Graphic Guide series.


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ISBN: 9781785783302

Price: 7.99 GBP

Pages: 224

Publication date: 08/02/2018

Category: Business & Self-Help, Philosophy

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