American Politics (eBook)

A Graphic History

Laura Locker

Jules Scheele

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Following in the footsteps of the highly successful Queer: A Graphic History, illustrator Jules Scheele teams up with Dr Laura Locker in this comic-book introduction to the political history of the Land of Opportunity.

How did
a political outsider like Trump win the 2016 presidential election? Why do some
Americans feel so strongly about gun rights? Is there a role for more than two
political parties in the system?

isn’t something that just occurs in the West Wing or the gleaming Capitol
building – it comes from the interaction between state and society, the
American people living their daily lives. In this unique graphic guide, we
follow modern citizens as they explore everything from the United States’
political culture, the Constitution and the balance of power, to social
movements, the role of the media, and tensions over race, immigration, and LGBT

right up, and see what lies beneath the pageantry and headlines of this great

Laura Locker has a doctorate in political science from Johns Hopkins University and has taught American and comparative politics courses to university students in Portland, Oregon. She’s particularly interested in political economics and sociology, and issues of race, class and gender.

Jules Scheele is an illustrator, graphic facilitator and comic book artist. She runs One Beat Zines, a feminist zine collective and distributor. @julesscheele

Upbeat and optimistic, it reminds us that one awful president can't sink history's most powerful democracy.'The Bookseller


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ISBN: 9781785783463

Price: 5.82 GBP

Pages: 176

Publication date: 06/09/2018

Category: History & Current Affairs

Series: Graphic Guides

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