Ball of Confusion (Hardback)

Puzzles, Problems and Perplexing Posers

Johnny Ball

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TV maths star Johnny Ball presents brain-teasers from his regular slot on his daughter Zoe’s Radio 2 show. Ball of Confusion is designed to twist your brain into enjoyable knots of empuzzlement, from puzzles solved in a twinkling of an eye to some that will knit your brow for hours. From how to cheat in a coin toss to why it is that some parts of a high speed train travelling at 125mph are actually going backwards, Ball of Confusion will bend your mind in places it’s never been bent before. ‘This is a lovely compilation of puzzles including many classics, and Johnny Ball’s legendary enthusiasm and humour jump out of every page.’ Rob Eastaway, co-author Maths for Mums & Dads.

Johnny Ball became TVu2019s best-loved mathematician in the 1970s and 80s, presenting Think of a Number for the BBC and Johnny Ball Reveals All on ITV.

‘This is a lovely compilation of puzzles including many classics, and Johnny Ball’s legendary enthusiasm and humour jump out of every page.’Rob Eastaway, co-author ‘Maths for Mums & Dads’
‘What a cracking book! It’s a fabulous jewel box of teasers, you can open any page and be hooked! It’ll be on my bedside table forever.’Kjartan Poskitt, author of ‘Murderous Maths’
‘Johnny Ball has a unique talent for making mathematics and logic both entertaining and amusing. Here is a collection of 150 puzzles that will keep young and old scratching their heads as they wrestle with seemingly impossible riddles, only to cry ‘of course!’ when they turn to the answer. For hours of innocent and maddening fun, I can thoroughly recommend it.’John Emsley, author of ‘Nature’s Building Blocks’

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