Birds of Southern Africa: The Complete Photographic Guide (Paperback)

with app and calls

Burger Cillié

Faansie Peacock Karen Wiesler

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The most comprehensive and up-to-date photographic guide to Southern African birds

With over 5,000 photographs covering all bird species in Southern Africa, this new guide promises to be a feast of information. The accompanying free app features bird calls as well as additional photographs of other colour variations.

The five authors discuss all bird species recorded in Southern Africa in concise text, with emphasis on identification and behaviour.

Over 5,000 excellent colour photographs are used in the book and app to illustrate the different plumages of male, female, adult, juvenile, breeding or other colour variations.

New distribution maps show the migration status and relative abundance of each species. The Complete Photographic Guide to Southern African Birds is an essential companion for every birder to this region.

Burger Cillié, Faansie Peacock, Niel Cillié, Phil Penlington & Karen Wiesler


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ISBN: 9781928363125

Price: 30.00 GBP

Pages: 560

Publication date: 22/09/2022


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