Can You Trust the Media? (Hardback)

Adrian Monck

Mike Hanley

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The media dominates our lives. We give more time to viewing, surfing, listening and reading than we do to our families and friends. It's a relationship that's built on trust – and it's a relationship currently in crisis.TV's fake phone-ins, phoney footage from royal reality shows, reporters resorting to phone-bugging to get stories – is there anything left in the media we can believe?As audiences wonder which way to turn, former TV News boss and award-winning journalist Adrian Monck turns an insider's eye on the scandals that have sucked the public's trust from the media.Does the interactive Internet world offer a more trustworthy media future, or do lies just travel quicker online? "Can You Trust The Media?" looks at the forces that have shaped the news, and those that are remaking it. Will the future be one you can believe?

Adrian Monck is Professor of Journalism at City University and an award-winning journalist who has worked with CBS News, ITN and Sky News, and helped found Five News. He was President of the Media Society 2005-06. Mike Hanley is a writer and journalist. He has written for Reuters, the Economist and the Financial Times, and many other titles.

This book appealed immediately… uplifting, inspiring and witty.Sydney Morning Herald
'Can You Trust The Media' is a very accessible history of the media and trust, and a provocative attempt to prick some moral balloons. After a series of scandals about impartiality, honesty and accuracy it is a welcome breath of fresh air thinking.Charlie Beckett
Anyone interested in British journalism should read it.Kevin Marsh, BBC
In this accessible, jauntily written book, Monck ends up certain that we need journalism, but sees it, with affection and exasperation, as a flawed thing, which, when it does good, does so by accident.Financial Times


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ISBN: 9781840468724

Price: 12.99 GBP

Pages: 256

Publication date: 01/05/2008


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