Creature of Havoc (Paperback)

Steve Jackson

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This is the latest title to join “Fighting Fantasy’s” brand-new look! The multi-million selling gamebook series is back with a hugely popular revamped, updated package, a brilliant new interactive website and the monsters, dungeons and peril to capture a whole new generation of imaginations. The legions of Chaos are poised to descend on Allansia. In a unique twist, YOU are the fearsome Creature of Havoc. Yet only by mastering your bestial nature and overcoming the forces of evil do you have any hope of discovering who you really are.

Steve Jackson is, with Ian Livingstone, the originator of the Fighting Fantasy series. Since Fighting Fantasy’s huge success, he has become a major figure in world of computer games, and was a founder of Lionhead Studios, the name behind Black & White.

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ISBN: 9781848311121

Price: 5.99 GBP 14.99 AUD 18.99 NZD 9.50 USD 5.99 GBP

Pages: 320

Publication date: 04/02/2010


Series: Fighting Fantasy

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