Darkness Visible (Paperback)

Philip Pullman and His Dark Materials

Nicholas Tucker

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What do Philip Pullman and J.K. Rowling have in common that has made both of their stories so successful? What does Pullman listen to while he writes – and who, or what, is Dust?

Pullman’s award-winning trilogy His Dark Materials has been appreciated by readers of all ages. It is now set to welcome new fans as it is adapted for television by the BBC, and his new trilogy at last sees publication.
Nicholas Tucker, a leading authority on children’s literature, writes about the man he knows as a friend. Unpacking and examining Pullman’s life and the sources he drew on for his masterpiece, he explores the world of science, theology, imagination and adventure that Pullman has created.
Including a personal interview with Pullman himself, Darkness Visible offers a unique exploration of the author’s work – and its controversies.
“Enigmas from His Dark Materials are unraveled… Unmissable for all Pullman readers”
Sussex Express


Nicholas Tucker is the author of nine books about children, childhood and reading, including The Child and the Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1981 and 1990).  He has also written six books for children, broadcasts frequently and reviews in the national press.  He lives in Lewes, East Sussex and sometimes finds himself reading aloud the same books to some of his eight grandchildren as he once did to their mothers and father.

“Enigmas from His Dark Materials are unraveled… Unmissable for all Pullman readers”Sussex Express

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