Did David Hasselhoff End the Cold War? (Paperback)

50 Facts You Need to Know - Europe

Emma Hartley

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This book includes attention grabbing facts and punchy popular analysis. It is a sequel to the bestselling “50 Facts that Should Change the World”. It includes facts such as: there are half a million machine guns in Swiss homes; without Islam Europe would not exist; Europeans are genetically modified to consume more alcohol than the rest of the world; Santa Claus lives in Greenland and he is broke; and Snails are fish according to the EU. This is a sometimes shocking, often surprising, and always enjoyable, guide to the Europe you thought you knew.

Emma Hartley is a journalist and author. She has worked for The Times, the Evening Standard, the Independent (as a leader writer and as a reporter) and now works as a sub-editor at the Daily Telegraph.

“‘In 50 light essays, Hartley puts the anomalous and absurd facts about Europe into context’ The Times ‘With 50 facts ranging from the absurd to the essential, Emma Hartley sets out to prove that Europe is a fascinating place.’ Metro ‘Hartley reignites the debate about the countries in Europe, focusing on the quirks that genuinely interest us, and the commonalities that unite us. She pulls it off with aplomb.’ Independent on Sunday ‘Journalist Emma Hartley has put together a wonderful portrait of contemporary Europe. For Europhiles and Europhobes alike, this is a fascinating collection of extraordinary interest.’ Good Book Guide”

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