Foul Play (Paperback)

What's Wrong with Sport

Joe Humphreys

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Common wisdom decrees that sport has an overwhelmingly positive influence on our civilisation. It's good for your health, builds character, unites nations and generates peace and love and understanding across the globe…Or so we are told by sporting evangelists who spread the word on the back – and now increasingly the front – pages of our newspapers. But are we being sold a lie? "Foul Play" shows how our belief in the value of sport is misplaced.Tracing the history of organised game-playing, it argues that sport is a last refuge for sexism, racism, homophobia and animal cruelty. It cites neglected research in psychology, showing how playing sport tends to impinge negatively on your morals. And it asks why sports fans are so judgemental about what is, after all, only a game."Foul Play" is for anyone who believes that their head is not just for keepie-uppies.

Joe Humphreys is an Irish journalist and author. Having been a (highly-unsuccessful) racing tipster, he is currently a staff journalist with the Irish Times, writing news, features, and even occasionally sport. Born and raised in Ireland, he holds an MA in Political Philosophy, supports West Ham United, and lives currently in South Africa.

One of the year's most amusing reads, a carefully controlled rant backed with well-researched facts, which makes for thought-provoking, if not always comfortable, reading.Observer
This is a timely book, and one that, being written in very easy-to-read prose, takes the fight right to the enemy.Guardian
Foul Play offers an impressive extended essay into sport's many failings.Metro
The book is provocative, well-researched and turns up a lot of interesting and amusing anecdotal evidence.Daily Telegraph
It is eminently readable, humorous in parts, breathtakingly cynical in others, but throughout argues that sport is bad for mind, body and soul.Scotland on Sunday
Entertaining, thought-provoking and well worth a read.Scotland on Sunday
Well, Joe Humprhreys is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore, and has written a shibboleth-busting polemic to prove it. No opportunity is overlooked not only to debunk popular assumptions of the social and personal utility of sport but to expose the various hypocrisies and inconsistencies of the major sports' governing bodies.Irish Times


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ISBN: 9781840468908

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Pages: 208

Publication date: 03/04/2008


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