How Big is Your Brain? (Paperback)

Ian Livingstone

Jamie Thomson

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This title contains over 300 interactive number puzzles, codes and logic conundrums including a 16 page colour section. It is perfect for the 'New Year, New You' market – discover whether your brain is the size of a pea or the size of a planet! Like the rest of your body, your brain needs to sweat and stretch to improve. Give it the workout it deserves with this interactive book, and develop your concentration, memory and creative thinking! Ranging from the mildly challenging to the almost impossible, each puzzle directs you to another when completed – depending on whether or not you got the first one right! It's a fiendish interactive maze of riddles, enigmas and fanciful brainteasers, including code-breaking, number-crunching and logic conundrums, all there to test your mind to the limit. With over 200 puzzles, "How Big is Your Brain" can be endlessly replayed to improve your mind – and a brain-boosting score. How big is your brain? – take the challenge and find out!

Ian Livingstone is, with Steve Jackson, the co-originator of the Fighting Fantasy series, which has sold over a 15 million copies worldwide. Since Fighting Fantasy's huge success, he has become a major figure in the world of computer games, and is currently Creative Director of Eidos, the name behind Tomb Raider. He also founded the Games Workshop chain with Steve Jackson. Ian was recently awarded the OBE. Jamie Thomson is an experienced craftsman of puzzles and games. He has worked on gamebooks series such as Channel 4's The Crystal Maze, Fabled Lands (Macmillan), and Quest (Price Stern Sloan).


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ISBN: 9781840468038

Price: 7.99 GBP

Pages: 256

Publication date: 04/01/2007


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