How to Give to Charity (Paperback)

Jessica Williams

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Charity is headline news. Live 8, the Asian tsunami appeal, wristbands and the popularity of charity gifts all vividly illustrate our increasing passion for giving. But with so many charities, so many ways to give, and innumerable good causes, it can be hard to know who to give your money to. How can you know your donation is being used effectively? Which are the biggest and best charities? Is giving money all you can do? Is charity the best way to alleviate poverty, cure disease, save the environment or support the arts? Doesn’t it just relieve our guilt over the world’s inequalities? How much do other people give? Often surprising and always engaging, Jessica Williams’ new book unravels what modern charity is all about. It’s the essential read for anyone wanting to help others less fortunate than themselves.

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ISBN: 9781840466997

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Pages: 208

Publication date: 12/01/2006

Category: Business & Self-Help

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