In Harm’s Way (eBook)

Bosnia: A War Reporter's Story

Martin Bell

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Martin Bell’s was BBC TV’s principal correspondent during the war in Bosnia from 1992 to 1995. The original version of this passionate and personal account of the conflict was written while the war was still going on, some of it late at night in the Holiday Inn in Sarajevo. In Harm’s Way is not only about the progress of the war; it is about its origins, how it began and how it could have been avoided; it is about the human costs of war in which all the peoples of Bosnia became the victims; it is about a massive failure by the United Nations, beginning with an inadequate peace-keeping mandate and ending with the Srebrenica massacre; and it is about the practices of war reporting itself. And it is about the journalists in the thick of it, the oddballs and the idealists, the wild adventurers and hardened professionals who were caught up in this war and tried to make some sense of it. In the introduction to this new edition, marking the twentieth anniversary of the outbreak of hostilities, Martin Bell reflects on the impact of what he calls the most consequential war of our time.

‘One of the great memoirs of war reporting’.Ed Vulliamy
‘Written with clarity and often understated anger … a prophetic warning from the brutal European battlefield.’Anthony Loyd

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