In Search of the Lost Chord (Paperback)

1967 and the Hippie Idea

Danny Goldberg

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Danny Goldberg is probably one of the purest, most reasonable
guides you could ask for to 1967.’
Ex-Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham. 

Weaves together rollicking, rousing, wonderfully colourful and
disparate narratives to remind us how the energies and aspirations of the
counterculture were intertwined with protest and reform … mesmerising.’ 
The Nation

It was
the year that saw the release of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club
Band, and of debut albums from the Doors, the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix and
Janis Joplin. The year of the Summer of Love and LSD; the Monterey Pop Festival
and Black Power; Muhammad Ali’s conviction for draft avoidance and Martin
Luther King Jr’s public opposition to war in Vietnam.

On its 50th anniversary, music business veteran
Danny Goldberg analyses 1967, looking not only at the political influences, but
also the spiritual, musical and psychedelic movements that defined the era,
providing a unique perspective on how and why its legacy lives on today.

Exhaustively researched and informed by
interviews including Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary and Gil Scott-Heron, In
Search of the Lost Chord
 is the synthesis of a fascinating and
complicated period in our social and countercultural history that was about so
much more than sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Danny Goldberg is an author and rock music industry veteran. He is president of Gold Village Entertainment, whose clients include Steve Earle and The Hives. Previously, he was president of Gold Mountain Entertainment (Nirvana, Bonnie Raitt), chairman of Warner Bros. Records, president of Atlantic Records, and vice president of Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song Records. He was also Zeppelin’s publicist in the early 70s and had his first break reporting on Woodstock for Billboard Magazine in 1969. He lives in New York City.

Hippie 101-a kaleidoscopic snapshot of the Big Bang fifty years ago, three parts social and musical history, one part personal memoir, a sweeping overview that also manages to be up close and personal. Bravo.Joel Selvin
Danny Goldberg has done something I would not have thought possible: with diligent research, sharp prose, a clear mind, and an open heart, he has rescued a period of history from the clichés that had previously defined it.Eric Alterman
This extraordinary book transports us back to a 'moment' when, as Goldberg writes,the phrase '"peace and love" was not meant or taken ironically.' Beginning at sixteen, Goldberg was a participant in the rise and cresting of the hippie movement, the hippie ideal, which has been trivialized and disparaged in later decades. He cuts through the obfuscation and recreates the sense of magic, wonder, intimacy, and community that was in the air and you could breathe it in. If you want to know, or remember, what it was like to be alive and part of that historic wave, I can think of no better guide than In Search of the Lost Chord.Sara Davidson
In a time of the harshest dissonance, Danny Goldberg's In Search of the Lost Chord arrives like soma from a heaven that is still up there if you look hard enough. One the great gambits of the rightist culture has been to paint the 1960s, and the hippie movement in particular, as some stammering, slothful stoner movie. As an eyewitness, I can testify it was much, much more. Danny Goldberg's highly informative missive from that long, strange trip not only reminds veterans of the glorious possibilities of the age but also serves as an excellent primer to onward generations.Mark Jacobson
Goldberg plunges into a thorough, panoramic account of the culture, politics, media, music and mores of the year to demolish the idea that it was trivial. He has researched and interviewed widely – his section on underground newspapers is impressively detailed – and he's been there with many of the principals through all these years. Some of the stories, like the development and popularization of LSD and the saga of the Monterey Pop Festival, have been told before (though readers may be surprised to learn that psychedelic music's launchpad was a Nevada dive called the Red Dog Saloon). But Goldberg's deep purchase on his subject and his storytelling ease make it fresh.The New York Times
Goldberg is fascinating on the origins of political activism, from the Cold War peace movement and the fallout from the Korean War.The Sunday Times
Goldberg brings a personal passion that itself illustrates the lasting resonance of the hippie era.Publishers Weekly
At the core of Goldberg's readable, entertainingly anecdotal book is a chronicle and summary of what the Sixties cultural moment has left posterity.The Times
Goldberg has created a detailed insight into an important snapshot of our history whilst also banishing the popular cliché of the hippie movement… In Search of the Lost Chord is also a timely reminder that people power does indeed have an effect and that change is always possible.Buzz


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