Introducing Chomsky (Paperback)

A Graphic Guide

John Maher

Judy Groves

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Can it be that the human brain possesses an in-built faculty for language?

Noam Chomsky, one of the most brilliant linguists of the 20th century, believes that it does- that there exists a 'universal grammar' common to all languages. Around the world children learn, in very similar ways, languages that seem entirely different. This is possible, Chomsky argues, because all human languages and their grammatical structures are linked in the human brain.

Chomsky is controversial and yet highly influential, both in his pioneering work in linguistics and in his unrelenting critique of international power and his commitment to freedom and justice. These two 'Chomskys' are heirs to the Enlightenment tradition, and this book is the ideal introduction to them both.

John Maher studied philosophy and linguistics in London, Michigan and Edinburgh. He has published ten books on: bilingualism, Ainu, language rights, and the languages of Japan.

Judy Groves is an artist, illustrator and designer. She has also illustrated introductory guides to Jesus, Lacan, Wittgenstein, Levi-Strauss and Philosophy.


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Publication date: 01/09/2011

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