Introducing Fractals (Paperback)

A Graphic Guide

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

Will Rood Ralph Edney

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Fractals are the geometry of the natural world. They’re about the broken, wrinkled, wiggly world- the uneven shapes of nature, unlike the idealised forms of Euclidean geometry. We see fractals everywhere; indeed, we are fractals ourselves.

Fractal geometry is an extension of classical geometry which can make precise models of physical structures, from ferns to galaxies. It can describe the shape of a cloud as precisely as an architect can describe a house.
Introducing Fractals traces the historical development of this mathematical discipline, explores its descriptive powers in the natural world, and then looks at the applications and the implications of the discoveries it has made. 
As John Archibald Wheeler, protégé of Niels Bohr, friend of Albert Einstein and mentor of Richard Feynman has said, ‘No one will be considered scientifically literate tomorrow, who is not familiar with fractals.’

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon is a producer of television documentaries.

Will Rood studied mathematics at Cambridge University. His fractal animations have graced many television documentaries and his artwork has featured on numerous magazines, posters and CD sleeves.
Ralph Edney trained as a mathematician, and has worked as a teacher, journalist, illustrator and political cartoonist.


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