Introducing Graphic Guide Box Set – Why Am I Here? (EXPORT EDITION) (Paperback)

Richard Appignanesi

Oscar Zarate Philip Thody

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Using comic-book style illustration combined with accessible but authoritative text, the Introducing Graphic Guide series is a uniquely brilliant way to get your head around some of humankind’s most thrilling ideas. In Introducing Existentialism: A Graphic Guide, Richard Appignanesi goes on a personal quest of Existentialism in its original state. He begins with Camus’ question of suicide: ‘Must life have a meaning to be lived?’ Is absurdity at the heart of Existentialism? Or is Sartre right: is Existentialism ‘the least scandalous, most technically austere’ of all teachings? Introducing Sartre: A Graphic Guide explains the basic ideas inspiring his world view, and pays particular attention to his idea of freedom. It also places his thinking on literature in the context of the 20th century debate on its nature and function. It examines his ideas on Marxism, his enthusiasm for the student rebellion of 1968, and his support for movements of national liberation in the Third World. This Graphic Guide also provides a succinct account of his life, and especially of the impact which his unusual childhood had on his attitude towards French society. Introducing Camus: A Graphic Guide portrays a man who was an intellectual in the tradition of the great French humanists, a Resistance fighter during World War II, and also a great sensualist for whom sun, sea, sex, football, and theater were the answer to life’s absurdity.


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ISBN: 9781848318663

Price: 18.99 GBP

Pages: 528

Publication date: 02/10/2014

Category: Philosophy

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