Introducing Science (Paperback)

Ziauddin Sardar

Borin Van Loon

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How do we reconcile the advantages of science with its perils? What do scientists actually do? Is science ‘value-free’? How has science evolved through history? Where is science leading us? We now begin to see that uncertainty and ignorance tend to increase with changes in the production of knowledge. We have arrived at the threshold of post-normal science. Introducing Science is a clear and incisively illustrated anatomy of science. It is essential reading for students, ordinary citizens and scientists themselves.

Ziauddin Sardar is a renowned cultural and science critic. He has written guides to Islam, Cultural Studies, Chaos, Media Studies, Learning and Memory and with Jerry Ravetz, Mathematics, in the Introducing series. Borin Van Loon is a well-known graphic artist who has as illustrated Darwin and Evolution, Genetics, Buddha, Eastern Philosophy, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Mathematics, Media Studies and Critical Theory in the Introducing series.

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ISBN: 9781840463583

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Pages: 176

Publication date: 06/05/2002


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