Join the Club (Paperback)

How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World

Tina Rosenberg

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In the style of Nudge or The Spirit Level – a groundbreaking book that will change the way you look at the world. This is the story of a new kind of social revolution which has transformed the lives of millions. It has drawn oppressed Indian women out of misery and passivity, persuaded teenagers to demand safe sex and to rebel against smoking; helped cure tuberculosis; enabled soldiers to have the confidence to face enemy fire and organized the nonviolent overthrow of a brutal dictator. Radical, optimistic and cogently argued, Join the Club will make you appreciate the power of one of humanity's most abundant resources: our connections with each other.

Tina Rosenberg is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and a former member of the Times editorial board. Her book The Haunted Land won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.

Timely, thoughtful and important.'New York Times Book Review


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ISBN: 9781848313439

Price: 9.99 GBP

Pages: 400

Publication date: 02/02/2012


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