Jonathan Ball (Hardback)

A Tribute

Michele Magwood

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An edited collection of over 40 essays in tribute to Jonathan Ball, the founder of Jonathan Ball Publishers. It includes contributions from Mark Gevisser, Jonny Steinberg, Jenny Crwys-Williams and Michiel Heyns.

Jonathan Ball, the founder of Jonathan Ball Publishers, died on 3 April 2021 after a short illness. This collection of essays, commissioned in tribute to him, is edited by Michele Magwood.

Jonathan Ball left a deep impression on many different people in different ways. The 40 or so essays reflect the many facets of Jonathan: businessman, friend, brother, colleague, husband, father. But it is in the reading that we begin to understand the shape of him: publisher extraordinaire, history expert, gourmand, liberal thinker, suitor, philosemite and so on.

It cannot be exaggerated how deep an imprint Jonathan has left on the political and cultural life of South Africa, too. The shelves of Jonathan Ball Publishers are weighted with serious history and biographies of eminent figures, with books that other publishers didn’t have the boldness to take on. But there are many smaller, more finespun stories that tell us too who we are as a people and as a nation.

Jonathan Ball: A Tribute includes contributions from Mark Gevisser, Jenny Crwys-Williams, Richard Steyn, Jeremy Boraine, Andrew Feinstein, Kerneels Breytenbach, Koos Bekker, Gail Natrass, Eugene Ashton, Milton Shain, Benjamin Trisk, Michiel Heyns, Alison Lowry, Jonny Steinberg, Tony Leon, Antony Altbeker, Michele Magwood, Michael Cardo, Ebbe Dommisse, Jeremy Gordin, Ton Vosloo, and Michiel Heyns, among others.

Michele Magwood is an award-winning journalist and the former Books Editor of the Sunday Times. She has worked in television and broadcasting, and now edits and writes.


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