Junior Su Doku (Paperback)

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The biggest craze in Britain for years is set to take children by storm! Su Doku puzzles are great fun, stimulating and very addictive. Beginning with a comprehensive ‘How to Play’ section, Junior Su Doku, the first Su Doku book published for children, contains over 120 puzzles using numbers, letters and shapes. The book opens with some very easy 4 x 4 grids before gently increasing in difficulty to the more complex 6 x 6 and finally to the well-known 9 x 9 puzzles.

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Classic Su Doku is here using numbers, letters and shapes. There’s the latest craze Kakuro and the first-ever Spidoku puzzles. Comprehensive ‘How to Play’ sections are included at the end of the book providing invaluable hints and tips.



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ISBN: 9781840467239

Price: 3.99 GBP 7.99 CAD

Pages: 112

Publication date: 04/08/2005


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