Make Way for the Superhumans (eBook)

How the science of bio enhancement is transforming our world, and how we need to deal with it

Michael Bess

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Biomedical research is changing the both the format and the functions of human beings. Very soon the human race will be faced with a choice: do we join in with the enhancement or not? 

Make Way for the Superhumans looks at how far this technology has come and what aims and ambitions it has.
From robotic implants that restore sight to the blind, to performance enhancing drugs that build muscles, improve concentration, and maintain erections, bio-enhancement has already made massive advances. 

Humans have already developed the technology to transmit thoughts and actions brain-to-brain using only a computer interface.
By the time our grandchildren are born, they will be presented with the option to significantly alter and redesign their bodies. 

 Make Way for the Superhumans is the only book that poses the questions that need answering now: suggesting real, practical ways of dealing with this technology before it reaches a point where it can no longer be controlled.

Michael Bess is a specialist in 20th- and 21st-century Europe, with a particular interest in the social and cultural impacts of technological change. He is the author of three other books, one of which, The Light Green Society (U Chicago Press, 2003) won the George Perkins Marsh prize (2004) of the American Society for Environmental History and an Honorable Mention (2004) from the Pinkney Prize committee of the Society for French Historical Studies.

"Michael Bess's detailed and humane book adeptly surveys some eye-opening developments in current technology (bionic vision, thought-controlled machines and so forth), and foresees that future humans will enjoy double the average healthy lifespan of today, leading to lives of multiple marriages and career changes." The SpectatorThe Spectator


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ISBN: 9781785781025

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Publication date: 07/07/2016


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